Hi, I am

Liam Reynolds

Swimming Teacher, Running for fitness coach, Grass Cutter and Voice Over artist, Based in Peel, Isle of man

What Do I Offer?
Apart from an honest friendly service?

I enjoy helping people to better themselves and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. My background of work and experiences of my personal life have helped to build the services I offer today, it’s taken many years of trial and error, but now I realise my best asset, isn’t a particular skill, but is me as a person, an infectious personality, buckets of enthusiasm, and the ability to coax someone to better themselves.

Private lessons for 4-11 year olds
Swimming Teacher
Liam has seen great success with children who at the time of coming to him cannot swim, or in some cases refuse to put their head underwater.
Group and Individual running
Running for Fitness
In Association with RunTogether, and England Athletics I am creating a movement To help people who want to run, and have never tried it before.
Exactly what it says.
Grass Cutting
Cant be dealing with cutting your grass? A one off job, or the entire season i am able to offer a various intervals depending on your grass and it’s needs,
Where Am I Based?
Peel, Isle of Man
Make your booking Today!
I have tried to keep things as simple as possible, whilst on a limited budget. as of right now i have 2 booking systems, and a administration site. sadly none of them share login details. so anyone who goes for the trifecta of services will need 3 accounts – It’s not ideal but is the best way i can offer everything that i want to at the moment.  See Below for further information.
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  • Jo & Richard
    Jo & Richard
    Liam has been a fantastic swimming teacher to our two girls. His enthusiasm for the sport has no limits and they always looked forward to their lessons! Their swimming has really progressed
  • Maj
    Swimming Parent
    "Great lesson, mixing play with the serious stuff to get Ava to concentrate. Nice to see her improving."
  • Carol
    Swimming Parent
    "Brilliant service thanks Liam"
  • Clair
    Swimming Parent
    "First private lesson for my 5 year old. He loved it and did more in that one session than he's done in a year of normal swimming lessons!"
  • Linda
    Swimming Parent
    "Amelia had so much fun at her first lesson she forgot she never had her armbands on! Liam gave her so much confidence she cant wait til next week many thanks Liam"
  • Paul
    Swimming Parent
    "Joshua been twice and loves it and he all ready doing things that I have tried and got any where but with lessons he had he doing it all ready I would tell anyone I know to go to Liam, he's got patience and knows how to get the best from each lesson"
  • Stacey
    Swimming Parent
    "Toby loves his one on one lessons and is always eager to attend. He learns a lot in his lessons as they are made fun and appealing to a 5 year old who is easily distracted. Would recommend Liam to anyone he has done wonders for Toby's confidence in the pool. Thanks Stacey and Jon Robinson"
Want to know more?
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