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I cut grass between April and October, one off, over a few months, or for the whole summer, contact me and ill happily quote for the work. please, see my FAQ for more info

What do you offer?

Quite simply, I cut grass, I have no qualifications, I am not govt. registered. I simply turn up, set the height, fire up the engine, and walk up and down, I have a strimmer, which can sort out the edges, and then take away the mess, after a quick run around with the broom.
But. If you have a “lawn”, and you’re looking for perfection, then I definitely am not your guy,

What about the cost?
Prices start from £20 Per House, but is subject to both size and how long the grass is. This isn’t a full time business, so i keep costs as simple as possible.

Questions you may ask
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Lessons are available on a rolling 2 week basis.