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Running For Fitness, (and wellbeing!) 

Explaining the whys and what for’s as to how i got here today maybe better suited to a natter over a brew, i’ll pop a timeline a little lower down this page so you can see it in an outlined form.
My initial concept as an England Athletics registered Running for fitness coach, is in my eyes quite simple. I want you to move.

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Benefits of Running
– Raises heart rate which reduces blood pressure.

– Takes your mind off those things that have troubled you, allowing you to feel refreshed.
– Get a good kick of endorphins (happy hormones)
– Get to have a good natter, without interruptions from kids and phones,
– Accountability, knowing others are going out with you gives you a reason to go out.
– Getting problems off your chest, (no really, it’s amazing what we yap about)
– burning calories, and i mean an INSANE amount if you choose to run longer
– Make new friends who know what you have been through,
– Have someone behind you helping you make choices for diet and fitness.

Questions you may ask

What are your qualifications?
I have a Leadership in Running FItness (England Athletics). Enhanced CRB, Safeguarding certificate, and am studying for a Sports Coaching Certificate.

What sessions will you offer?
Initially it will be beginner sessions in a walk run format. I will extend these to full run sessions as and when people are comfortable with it.

I also offer one on one sessions, should you wish to train for something specific, or would rather have a more personalised coaching session.
Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

What about the cost?
Group Sessions are £3.00, (block discounts are available).  If you would prefer a private Session, I work on an hourly rate of £5 per 15 mins for my time in Peel, with an extra   surcharge of £5  Anywhere else on The Island.
(discounts available for long term contracts)

Why I Am Doing this
In my experience as “Coach” I’ve had a group of mums that have consistently run, i’ve coached 3 of them from nothing to half marathons, others have reduced 5k and 10k times.
As Myself i am not a “runner”, (not since before 2014 anyway) I am a former fatty, whose back to being fat again, battled depression for the last twenty years, and frankly have a rather bad habit of comfort eating foods that are really not good for me at all.
I know what it’s like to sit at home and want to change but not know how to. However, i am not here to preach, but ask and I shall tell. Before we continue on with the rest of the page, let me give you some suggestions, and they may not all be relevant to you as to why you COULD join me for a running for fitness session. (including those of you who can’t run but CAN walk. )

What's My Story
How I got here
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Jan 2013

The Journey Begins

Depressed, and into Therapy, Therapist prescribes setting a goal that is S.M.A.R.T, Take the challenge of 37.75 miles of swimming in 12 weeks.

Apr 2013

``Can't be a fat swimming teacher``

I decide during my last laps of the TT challenge, that i’d like to become a swimming teacher. figure that i couldn’t be the way i was and stand on the side of a pool teaching a physical activity and be really overweight myself. Start to count Calories

Jul 2013

Taking it to the Next Level

Go Big or go home… I decided to set a new challenge. This time i set myself the task of completing BeachBody’s Insanity workout program.

Jun 2014

The challenges get bigger

I know… I’ll set a challenge of doing all 84 miles of the parish walk. over 500 miles of training, and i got timed out at Peel, and im still bitter about it 3 years later.

Oct 2014

My first Race

Take part in IOMNAC Firemans runs, 1 lap of Ramsay, every month OCT-MAR, finished 12th Overall.

Aug 2015

The Challenges get Tougher

From 5K to 26.2 miles in 30 weeks. Thats right, I went from running 5k’s in January, to a full Marathon in 5:25 in the August.

May 2016

Just for fun

Entered into the Cubert 5. A 5 mile race around Cubert, Cornwall. I had a blast, ran faster every mile and crossed the line in 47:10

Aug 2016


Earlier in the year, i’d been approached by a friend to help them get running, it was soon dropped on me that not only would she start running, but she wanted to run a half marathon. 18 weeks later. We crossed the line, in 2:22 and the girls raised over £500 for “Bella”


Nov 2016

....and then we missed a goal

Should have raced in the 2016 Syd Quirk Half Marathon. i wasn’t well, and didn’t compete. was the start of a new bout of depression that would last long into 2017 and beyond.

Two of my Ladies both smashed PB’s in the race tho.

Aug 2017


Awarded the Leadership in Running Fitness certificate by England Athletics

Oct 2017

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