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Private Swimming Lessons for 4-11 year olds. 

I am based as a Swimming Teacher Based on The Isle of Man at Western Swimming Pool.

I naturally have a great rapport with children. encouraging and teaching them to swim.My methods may not always follow the book and teach it as the syllabus suggests, but I will change my ways to suit the individual and their needs, so that they can have the best learning experience that is tailored to them.

Swimming at a young age should be about fun, so it isn’t uncommon to see me taking the occasional moment to lark around. even tho the children may not realise it, most of the time Liam has an ulterior motive behind what is going on, to help reinforce a teaching point, or develop a new skill that’s required to move on to the next level.

I have had great success with children who at the time of coming to him cannot swim, or in some cases refuse to put their head underwater.

Bookings can be made below or via my icansw.im webpage

What are your qualifications?
I currently hold the  STA Award in Swimming Teaching as well as a National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ).
I also have a fully enhanced CRB, and a current Safeguarding certificate

What is your teaching style
I am not a conventional teacher by any stretch, my area is always the noisiest , My methods may not always follow the book (my boss actively encourages me to continue to teach in this manor) and teach it as the syllabus suggests, but I change my ways to suit the individual.i can easily teach 8 different sessions of the same stroke during one morning.

What about the cost?
Prices start from £21 per 30 min session. Fees are set and are paid to Western Swimming Pool on arrival. I am an employee of the pool, so not only are we watched by a team of Lifeguards, but i am accountable to the management of the pool,

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Lessons are available on a rolling 2 week basis.