Liam Reynolds

Hi, I am Liam and am based in Peel in the Isle of Man, I enjoy helping people to better themselves and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience.

My background of work and experiences of my personal life have helped to build the services I offer today, it’s taken many years of trial and error, but now I realise my best asset, isn’t a particular skill but is me as a person, an infectious personality, buckets of enthusiasm, and the ability to coax someone to better themselves.

"shows how real"

It’s always hard when you have to reflect upon yourself and workout those bits you want people to know, and those bits that you maybe don’t. Thing is I can either give you the polished version that makes me look like the most fabulous person in the world or paint a picture of truth, that at least shows how REAL I am.

Almost into the 4th decade of my life, father of two girls, husband to one wife, with a dog, cat, and a semi-detached suburban house. Quite the stereotypical guy, well or so it seems, I cant hide it, iv battled deep depression for the last 20 years. Not for any specific reason, (not that anyone would admit anyway). Large crowds make me nervous, never smoked, don’t drink, and the medication I am on for depression is as much as I have dabbled with outside of paracetamol for drugs.

"Jack of all trades"

When I look back at what I have done, I am a jack of all trades and a master of nothing. I have 3-5 years experience in each of the things that I have done. Searching for that one thing that I am genuinely naturally good at, Previous life experiences include; An aviation career, which I loved, but it honestly hated me with 3 of my five employers going out of business or being taken over.

I have a food addiction issue that I cannot control, I am a sucker for biscuits and cakes, eating an obscene amount of food over the years, I am not proud, and it somehow correlates with my moods, but getting it under control is something
 I can’t seem to do.

In 2013 during treatment for a particularly sad time, it was suggested to me that I should take on a goal. That started the journey I am on today. I don’t do anything by half tho. I go all in like you would never believe…

2013 – Western Pool, TT Swim – 37.75 miles in 12 weeks raised £500 for a hospice that my later father-in-law was using. 
(weight 223lbs/101 kgs)

so we did...

"Barely a runner..."

2014 – Parish Walk 88 miles in 24 hours, I managed 32 in 9, before I was stopped due to being after the cut off time… 
(weight 168lbs/76.2 kgs)

2015 – Isle of Man Marathon. I went from barely a runner (maybe 5K at a push) to a marathon finisher, I ran/walked the whole way, taking 5:25:41 to complete the distance (Weight 195.4lbs/88kgs)

2016 – Sprint Triathlon, 1/2 mile swim, 12-mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run to the finish, in a time of 1:31. It was also the year that I got approached by Jess to consider helping her run a half before she was 40. – so we did, in 2:22. (Weight 188.5lbs/85.5kgs)

2017 – Should have been the year of the Gluten Free Triathlon. To swim 37.75 miles, cycle 100, and run a full marathon in a year. Sadly my depression and anxiety got the better of me at the back end of 2016, and it kicked me in the behind for the entire year.
(weight 212.3lbs/96.3kgs )

2018 – Liam’s RunTogether Launches, and I start to encourage a whole town to get out and Run. 


What about Today ?

Things are much better, that’s for sure. I know that mental health is being talked about much more, and as such, I am vocal about it, not only does this make me take some control over it but it helps others to open up also. It’s not the absolute answer,  but I am still fighting my confidence, the whole self-doubt still holds me accountable. But I am determined to understand myself fully and be the best me that I can. 

I know that I am approachable, friendly, willing, enthusiastic, and honest, to name but a few, And that these qualities are the things that I know that I should believe in to start to believe in myself, in turn making the work for you better than ever.  I bring a skill set that is very broad; I guess you can see that from the services I offer. 

I am very analytical, chase perfection, and wearing my heart on my sleeve. I hate letting people down and worry too much about what people think, and when things go the wrong way, I am the first person I blame, regardless if it was me or not.

So, That’s me. Father of two, Husband of one, marathon finisher, the part-time fat guy with a sugar habit, who not only wants to improve himself but help you be the better you too. 

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Customer Review

Joining Liam’s RunTogether is the best thing I’ve ever done! I was nervous about signing up as I didn’t consider myself anywhere near fit enough to run, but I’ve gone from a complete beginner running about 2 – 3 mins at a time to a full non-stop 5K in 3 months! The sessions are so rewarding as every week you feel compelled to push yourself that little bit further, and the support from Liam is awesome!! He makes you feel like you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and you feel part of such a lovely community. I would definitely recommend Liam’s group to anyone wanting to get out there and get moving. You won’t regret it!


"He makes you feel like you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and you feel part of such a lovely community. "


"Fabulous service! Liam is very reliable and a good, honest friendly guy! Great results. Highly recommended”


"Fabulous service! Liam is very reliable and a good, honest friendly guy! Great results. Highly recommended"